Breakfast Wrap 05Friday.  Thank zombie for that.  We’re pretty sure you only made it because of our entertainment this week.  We know we only made it because we entertained you.

And another day, another next-gen leak.  This time it’s the architecture of the Xbox Durango.  VGLeaks have uncovered what makes Microsoft’s next console tick.  We won’t pretend to understand most of it, but simply tell you it is made up of two modules, each containing four x64 cores running a single thread at 1.6 GHz.  It will have a D3D11.x 800MHz graphics solution and 8GB of DDR3 RAM, and will feature a 50GB Blu-ray disc player and a 500GB HDD.  If you can understand more than that, head over to their in-depth piece on the hardware.

The Crysis 3 1.1 patch is out now on PC and PS3 with the Xbox version to follow soon.  The list of fixes are pretty varied, but for those that have been recently complaining about connection issues  it doesn’t appear to be addressed.  You can see the full list of fixes on CVG.

The Ouya will ship to those who participated in the Kickstarter campaign in late March – well before the June retail launch.

Sony has released a video in which Sony Execs discuss the recent PS4 reveal at the PlayStation Meeting event.

So how did the infected in The Last of Us come about?  We were consulted.  Or not.  You can find out more in this video.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 certainly likes head.  Especially when it meets a slow motion bullet.  You can do the same as the video does from 15 March on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

The boys from Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel however like to use less subtle methods than the snipers above to get the job done.  You can get your fill of guns, explosions and macho men 26 March in the US and 29 March 29 in Europe.

EA and DICE have released this new End Game DLC trailer for Battlefield 3, which shows off the new vehicles and maps coming with the content pack, which is expected in March.

With the game coming 12 March (US) and 15 March (UK), there has already been plenty of God of War: Ascension footage.  But another won’t hurt right?  This developer diary focuses on the creation of the Empusa a “sadistic, twisted, pure evil incarnate… enemy that will torment and abuse you with her curvaceous, razor sharp spikes”.

The final video of the wrap is aptly Tomb Raider – The Final Hours: Episode 5 part 2 – with your host Zac Levi.

Third day in a row we shall waste valuable real estate with Wii Mini news.  This time however, there’s a South African connection.  The console will be arriving in SA on 21 March and comes attached with a recommended retail price of R1499… Only around R500 too much if you ask us.  But we bet no-one will.