Breakfast Wrap 05We’ve all made it.  Friday.  The last day of annoying bosses or annoying teachers, or whatever annoys you.  We find bad brains are frankly the most annoying thing in the world.  Ever.  And this week we’ve had our fair share.

Microsoft is planning to phase out XNA.  In an email reportedly sent to various games developers and Microsoft employees, the Xbox manufacturer confirmed that XNA (the development framework for numerous indie developers) would be “retired” from a program that promotes the company’s own technologies.  A part of the email has been published by Promit Roy, a technical lead at Action Equals Reaction Labs, on his personal blog.

Talking about upsetting the people, Microsoft’s 64GB Surface tablet has only… 23GB of usable storage space. According to an MS rep speaking to The Verge, the missing 41GB is accumulated from the Windows 8 operating system, as well as built-in apps and a recovery partition.   Delete or reduce the recovery partition space, or attach external drives via USB, is Microsoft’s solution to this issue.

EA has narrowed its losses in the final three months of 2012, but the company’s sales have declined during the period too.  Compared to the last quarter of 2011, where losses accumulated to $205 million, the final quarter of 2013 was trimmed to losses of $45 million.

A new episode in the God of War: Ascension developer diaries – called ‘Unchained’ – has been released.  This focuses on one of the many giant beasts you will face in the game – the Manticore.

injustice_x360_2d_special_edition_packshot_ukIf you’re wondering what the cover of the Special Edition of Injustice: Gods Among Us looks like, wonder no more.  Just look right at the grinning face of The Joker.

Killer is Dead will be making it to western retail shelves, thanks to publishing partners XSEED and Deep Silver.  XSEED will handle North America, while Deep Silver will sort out Europe and Oceania, and therby ensure that SUDA51’s latest madcap game makes it to the entire world.  The game will arrive on Xbox 360 and PS3 in “Summer ” 2013.  Erm, Oceania is in the southern hemisphere people… so “Winter” for everyone south of the equator.

Micropose has announced team based third person tactical shooter Special Forces: Team X.  The game will be hitting Xbox 360 and PC and as a digital download, later this year.  From the PR: “The game features a unique map selection system, enabling players to shape the battlefield by selecting individual environmental pieces, resulting in over 100 combinations of combat zone. STX allows players to vault, mantle and traverse through the environment with the game’s intuitive cover and clambering system.”