More Details Emerge On Upcoming [Castlevania]


Some new details on the Castlevania project which is being developed by Kojima Productions has been, yes you guessed it “Tweeted”.

The producer, David Cox tweeted that the “PS3 is the lead platform but the game is identical on both formats.” He was also asked the following question, “Could we rotate the camera to see the landscape for example, or is the camera always fixed with no control over it?” To which he replied, “Camera is fixed. You cannot control it.” This means that it should be a very cinematic game, similar to God of War, as it suggests that the game will be able to go into cut-scenes seamlessly.

In case you don’t know you missed any stories to do with the new Castlevania which is reportedly to be released this year:

 Best described as a dark fairy tale, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow casts the player as the mysterious Gabriel. At its heart it is a vast third-person-viewed adventure, but combat and puzzle solving also play a major part in the main quest, while dark artifacts can be used to enhance Gabriel’s powers.