MonkeyPaw announce Dezaemon Plus and Blockids for PSN Imports

MonkeyPaw Games have certainly been busy of late, as they announce their 11th and 12th additions to the MonkeyPaw classic game portfolio. Dezaemon Plus and Blockids are their latest additions for retro-gaming fans with more surprises planned MonkeyPaw say.

Shooting fans will love Dezaemon Plus which is said to give you a chance to “play game god.” You get to create a game using a robust game editor that allows you to create sprites, level designs, boss characters, music and more. 

Use parallax scrolling and other game design techniques to create a completely original game.  Then play or trade with friends using a memory stick on the PlayStation 3 and PSP.

The Japanese have a penchant for copying (does your Lexus look like a BMW?). But they manage to make improvements so that the copy becomes better than the original. So two games might look similar but the play of the new and improved version is quite remarkable when you sit down and play.  And that is what you get when you play Blockids
Both Dezaemon Plus and Blockids are available for the low price of $5.99 on the PlayStation Network under the Import banner.  

MonkeyPaw have also stated that they need a bigger response so that they can influence more Japanese companies by showing them there is a viable market and that it is worth their effort. So they are asking retro gamers to tell your friends about what they are doing and get the word out.

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