Molyneux reveals the worst thing that he has ever said

Speaking to a packed audience at the Eurogamer Expo today, Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux reportedly revealed what he considers to be the worst of his notoriously documented overstatements.

Molyneux revealed that is was in 1996 following his departure from Bullfrog, “We went away worked hard at building a team, Big Blue Box. We were lucky enough to get a contract with Microsoft,” he said, “and then I went out to the press and I said something terrible, probably the worst thing I’ve ever said in my life.”

And what was it that he said… “Fable is going to be the greatest role-playing game of all time.”

Molyneux says it was the first time he really realised that you can make huge mistakes in the press, saying  “you can’t just stand up and get all enthusiastic like I do with developers.”

He defended his statement explaining that they were still trying to make the greatest roleplaying game of all time.

Spoken like a true fanboy Mr.Molyneux.