Modern Warfare 3’s ‘No Russian’ Headline Grabber

Everyone surely remembers ‘No Russian’ from Modern Warfare 2.  This leaked video is Modern Warfare 3’s ‘No Russian’ in some ways – the part of the game destined to appear in all the tabloids and blamed for every wrong doing done by a living, breathing idiot.  While it only appears to be a cutscene, it may make some stomachs turn.

Be warned, it contains spoilers, and is also not likely to be on the net for long.

The section in question features a family of tourists in London on a daytrip to see Big Ben. A cutscene in which the player cannot intervene shows a father taking a movie of his daughter and the girl’s mother when a truck pulls up and explodes beside them, blowing them to bits and releasing some sort of toxic gas on the unsuspecting public as part of a series of coordinated attacks on Europe.