Modern Warfare 3 Has Inevitably Been Hacked

by Jacques ‘StuntZA’ Du Plooy

Many are aware of the steps Infinity Ward have taken to keep Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 clean of Hackers and cheaters alike.  Going as far as even consulting known hackers of previous CoD games to assist in setting up countermeasures against it ever happening.

Unfortunately where there’s a will, there’s a way – Former French president “Général Charles de Gaulle” taught us that and probably jinxed us all.
So to the misfortune of many avid CoD fans, MW3 will never been the same again… Well, fortunately most fans have already got that t-shirt.

Hackers have managed to conjure up some common cheats like super-speed, God-mode and infinite ammo. Some have been creative in their hacking creating some rather entertaining hacks, like a walking AC-130.

These videos are all over Youtube, here are a few examples of what’s going on:

This all happened round about the same time all the MW3 Servers were offline during their Double XP event, is there a possible link here?

With IW tightening their new banning policy with bans lasting up to 5000 days which Robert Bowling confirmed on Twitter in December I’m sure their systems will get some good practice in the following weeks.

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