Modern Warfare 2 – price hike **UPDATE**

by Victor ‘r0gue’ Vieira

Call of Duty fans won’t be happy to hear about Activision’s price hike on the eagerly awaited Modern Warfare 2 by around 20%. Local retailer – Kalahari announced on Twitter, that the Prestige edition with ‘night-vision goggles’ will be RRP of R2299.00……ermmm what?

John Minkey, the editor at Eurogamer TV says this is a ‘experiment’ by Activision using the mostly highly awaited title of the year. What are we….lab rats? Are Activision not aware of the current drop in game sales in the US, their biggest market, by around 30%. Also are we not in a recession. This just does not make sense even to professional analysts.

Publishers have said that this title cost tens of millions to develop and that their operating margins had been effected by poor exchange rates, but in my opinion it cant possibly justify a 20% hike. Like me, many fans are up in arms about this and I know that retailers are also wary about this decision as they have to order stock and now this could drastically affect their ordering.

Well you can cancel my order for one. Operation Flashpoint : Dragon Rising it is for me, for my end-of-the-year ‘shooter fest’.


In light of the mass-hysteria this subject has caused on local forums. Jason Borea, the Megarom Marketing Director, was kind enough to supply us with official  information regarding the price on the title locally. We can now confirm that the standard edition will not be increased for now, and that they will keep us informed should this change.

So it seems as though Activisions ‘test’ is only effecting the UK for now.

Thank you to Megarom for the information. For the official pricing