Modern Warfare 2: PC Problems!


Call of Duty 4 was one of the most loved and played online pc games. You could effortlessly join in huge lobbies any night of the week. It does not look like Modern Warfare 2 can boast the same, and they it looks like it will needs some serious fixing, if it is to gain the support that Infinity Award’s previous title did.


So please console fans, be aware that this is the PC version, so no need to panic just yet. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game will released early November followed by the delayed PC version. In addition, PC fans should keep in mind that the game is delayed and it is probably to iron-out these faults, so the finished product might not be this bad. There are also a few petitions going around from fans of Modern Warfare 2, asking for dedicated servers for the game, so join in and support (click on source link).


Robert Bowling has confirmed that the PC version of Call of Duty is essentially ruined as far as multiplayer and customization goes. Let’s get a quick rundown here of what Bowling said on the webcast.


• IW has control of the game
• IWnet servers will host multiplayer
• DLC will be a charged item for PC
• No dedicated servers
• Matchmaking system used to play with similarly ranked players
• VAC instead of PB
• Semi-capable password servers
• Semi-capable ad-hoc servers
• Competitive play is dead
• MW2 mods would not be possible
• Full integration into Steam


It does not sound very promising to say the least.








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