It is believed that with  mobile hardware rapidly moving forward could mean that portable platforms will eventually the major console’s processing power.

GamesIndustryBiz report on slide that was given to AnandTech by NVidia which states that the graphics-chip manufacturer expects mobile GPUs to surpass the GPU in Microsoft’s Xbox 360 by 2014. Whether the Xbox 360 will be superseded by the next generation remains to be seen. If speculation is correct, we will indeed have the replacement home console from Microsoft by then.

GIBiz explain that consoles have a longer lifespan that home consoles and are updated by hardware vendors every year. The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 GPU power was determined years ago when the consoles were released, therefore not being updated in years.

The slide shown in question from where the slide surface depicts the estimated performance of mobile GPUs catching the Xbox 360 by 2013. So if trends continue then mobile will even catch PC a few years after 2014.