Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer says Microsoft is “aiming to develop a “renewed focus on Windows and PC gaming.”

Polygon report that Spencer spoke at GDC last week where he praised Valve for its contribution to PC gaming.

“They have, in a lot of ways, focused more on PC gaming than we have,” he said.

Spencer expressed that Microsoft will focus more on PC gaming, not to compete with what Valve has done, but because it’s important for Microsoft to “invest in the platform in a real way.”

“We’re fundamentally committed to that,” claimed Spencer.

On the subject of the ‘Games for Windows Live’ platform, Spencer says we will have an answer shortly.

“You will get a clear answer from us very soon,” he said. “We have a longer term plan for multiplayer gaming and marketplace on Windows.

“We understand what we have today in market … isn’t great. We do understand there’s some continuity of getting from where we are to where we want to be [and] that shutting the lights off [on Games for Windows Live] isn’t exactly the right thing to do.

“We’ve got to make sure we’ve got a thoughtful plan that supports the people that currently have games on Games for Windows Live. It’s a conversation we’re having.

“[There]might be some transition bumps, getting from here to there, but we’re going to invest significantly more in that space, not less. It’s just whether what we have today is the core of what we have [in the future] and it’s probably not.

“We’ve got to have this message out in a thoughtful way [within the next few] months and not anything more than that. It’s in the real near term. This is something that we’re working on now… because we want to be clear on it,” concluded Spencer