Xbox One_03

We all had a mini tantrum when we were told our next “machine” won’t be able to do something. It must be like when our parents said we couldn’t see that girl. What did we do… we chased that exact girl.

Have I wanted to play any Playstation 2 game since having my current consoles? No.

It seems Microsoft is not too concerned either that the Xbox One will not be backward compatible. Microsoft says it wanted to be  in a “forward-looking position” with the Xbox One.

Speaking with Edge, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer explained why the console will not be backward compatible, but that Xbox 360 owners should look forward to a “big announcement” at E3.

“People can keep their 360 and obviously the content will continue to work but we really wanted to take a forward-looking position with Xbox One – something designed for the next ten years – and that required backward compatability be one of those things we had to put off the list,” explained Spencer.

“Are we worried about it? No,” he added.

“In fact we have a big announcement about 360 we’re gonna have at E3 that i’m excited about. People will keep their boxes, maybe on a new TV, maybe alongside an Xbox One.”