Microsoft Issue Warning Of Epic…

… Duh!

Microsoft has issued a warning to potential buyers of these ‘modded’ consoles that have flooded the second hand market since the massive Live banning, letting them know that if they purchase these consoles they will never be able to access Xbox Live with these consoles… ermm do you think?


“If you purchase a modified console second-hand, the warranty is not transferable and the purchaser assumes the risk for any previous modifications. If you purchase a console that has been previously banned, you will not be able to connect to LIVE,” said a Microsoft rep.


I really feel for those who have a legit console to sell now, I would suspect everyone now and not buy a second hand console. I mean not everyone will be honest and say that the console they are selling is modified, so you might only find out when you try login on. By then in it could be too late.


I wouldn’t buy a second hand console now, would you?