Xbox One_08

Microsoft is assuring that it will resist any attempt by the US government to use Xbox One’s Kinect camera to spy on the public, as it believes the government does not have the legal right to do so.

Microsoft issued a statement to The Verge [as being cited by MCV] in response to the concerns that have been raised with privacy and Kinect 2.0 of late.

“Absent a new law, we don’t believe the government has the legal authority to compel us or any other company that makes products with cameras and microphones to start collecting voice and video data, and we’d aggressively challenge in court any attempts to try and force us to do so,” says Microsoft in the statement.

American Civil Liberties Union senior policy analyst Christopher Soghoiann has been vocal in the past over concerns with privacy and the Xbox One’s camera. To the statement issued to The Verge, he points out that “the important thing here is when companies say ‘Don’t worry, we’re not recording,’ it doesn’t matter as much as whether they could record.”