Microsoft Addresses Natal Rumours

The internet lit up last night with rumours from TGDaily suggesting that Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, had not only confirmed that there will be a new Xbox 360 in 2010, but that Natal will launch with it.

When we dug a little deeper though, we have to question its validity. Firstly, the site in question live blogged the event, yet no mention of the bold claims were picked up on there. The closest it came to referencing Natal was computers have cameras built in, you can interact with friends, the computer recognizes what you are doing.” That’s not a problem though, the person blogging may not have been console savy.

The main report where all the buzz is coming from, titled, “Ballmer announces 2010 Xbox 360 at The Executive Club Chicago,” states “the new device will be equipped with technology that is “really, really, close” to an actuality. The console, which was described as having a “natural interface,” will have a built in camera with the ability to recognize movement and voice.” From here, I’m seeing a quote of 5 words from Ballmer’s speech but that isn’t the most interesting aspect. The date is, especially considering that Natal was currently undated.

The fact that there is a new 360 isn’t really a surprise. Okay, so the inbuilt camera might be … but that’s not a direct quote. It’s a certainty there will be a new Natal SKU, but seeing Natal in 2010? Interesting. Regardless, Microsoft were quick to respond with Major Nelson clarifying Steve’s comments …

“As the Xbox team stated at E3 two weeks ago, we are not even halfway through the current console generation lifecycle and believe Xbox 360 will be the entertainment center in the home for long into the next decade.  Project Natal will be an important part of this platform, but we have not confirmed a launch date at this time.”

Hopefully that will clear a few things up right? You’d have thought so, but I suspect this won’t be the last we hear of this rumour … Oh the humanity!

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