Michael Jordan 2K11 Cover Art Revealed



It was all but confirmed untill yesterday when 2K Sports revealed the cover art for the upcoming NBA2K11 with ‘the greatest ever’ basketball stars – Michael Jordan.

The vice president of marketing for 2K Sports, Jason Argent reported that the publishers knew that they needed to do something special for the cover as soon as we signed Jordan. He said “This could possibly be the most highly anticipated cover art in the history of sports games and we think the image we came up with delivers on every front. I think fans will be pleasantly surprised at how Jordan is actually used in game, as NBA 2K11 will pay homage to ‘His Airness’ in many ways, but the cover art represented our first chance to stop and honor him along the way.”

The legendary Michael Jordan and still one of sports greatest role models jokingly said that while he was  looking forward to seeing the final product, his “kids might have to give me some lessons.”

Just when EA revamped their basketball series for their upcoming title, and could possibly gain ground in the basketball gaming market which has clearly been dominated by the 2K series,  2K sign Jordan and will undoubtably smash sales figures with that cover on their upcoming title. I mean that cover belongs in any gamer/basketball fan’s collection.

NBA2K11 will be available on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.


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