Mettlestate and ASUS ROG (or Republic of Gamers to give them their full name) are hosting an extended version of their 2017 Valkyrie Challenge event, now dubbed the ROG Valkyrie Challenge.

This time, the battle will rage over two seasons with the winners of each CS:GO season securing their share of the R50,000 prize pool.

Signups for the (we assume) online league will open in “early March” with the matches themselves scheduled to begin nearer the end of March. CS:GO ladies can start gathering teammates and preparing for a bumper season of terrorists against anti-terrorists where the real winner is local esports.

The R50,000 per season will be broken up as follows:

  • 1st place: R25 000
  • 2nd place: R15 000
  • 3rd place: R10 000

The 2017 event was played at the Evetech offices in Gauteng, where the Energy Finesse took the honors against Amaryllis Gaming.

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Following the success of the first Valkyrie Challenge in August 2017, Mettlestate is at it again! Mettlestate, together with ROG, have officially announced the 2018 edition of the ROG Valkyrie Challenge – which will be a two-season CS:GO tournament with a R50 000 prize pool for each season.

The prize pool (per season) will be as follows:

Winner: R25 000
2nd place: R15 000
3rd place: R10 000 

Signups will open in early March (exact date and details to be confirmed, soon) and the league itself will kick off toward the end of March.

There’ll be a whole lot more information shared over the next few weeks, so all-girl CS teams should keep an eye on Mettlestate’s website and social media channels to make sure they don’t miss the latest news and updates for the ROG Valkyrie Challenge 2018!

For the ladies who aren’t yet in teams, there’s still time to rally the troops together and form a team ahead of sign ups opening. 

I’ll share more information with you again soon. 🙂 

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The ROG Valkyrie Challenge 2018

Introducing the ROG Valkyrie Challenge for 2018. An all female CSGO league. 2 seasons. R50 000 prize pool per season. Team sign ups open March 2018. In partnership with ASUS Republic of Gamers South Africa. #ValkyrieZA

Posted by Mettlestate on Tuesday, 13 February 2018