Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes update available today


The previous format-exclusive Jamais-Vu and MGS1 Déjà-Vu missions are now available across all formats.

Konami has detailed a key update to its Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes which unlocks today.

The free update gives PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 users access to the ‘Jamais-Vu mission’ which re-introduces Revengeance star, Raiden, to the series, in a special mission set within the Zeroes’ containment camp.

The new mission sees Raiden charged with investigating an alleged alien incursion, where – forgoing his famed katana blade – he is dropped on the edge of the camp, and must gain access and secure firm evidence of the alien presence. The aliens – dubbed ‘Snatchers’ by the intelligence group – are externally disguised as camp guards, but produce an inhuman X-Ray when tagged using the iDroid app or Raiden’s binoculars. Raiden must locate and eliminate the alien imposters while evading capture by the unaware humans charged with guarding the base.

Xbox 360 users will also be able to access the previously Sony-exclusive ‘MGS1 Déjà-Vu mission’ which is intended to celebrate the heritage of the series by creating a bespoke mission that harks back to the series’ first 3D entry.

The mission visually references key events from the original PS one™ classic and tasks the user with reproducing famous scenes from the original METAL GEAR SOLID. As players recreate these iconic moments, a flashback system reproduces the original reduced polygon graphical style of the original game and introduces familiar enemies and recognisable weather conditions for added authenticity.

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