Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes pre-orders get exclusive content


Konami is sweetening Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes with pre-order incentives that add content.

Pre-orders will receive exclusive content, including Mother Base Staff for use with The Phantom Pain’s Mother Base. The Mother Base is introduced during the events of Ground Zeroes but plays a central role in the Phantom Pain.

The pre-order DLC codes will be provided via a printed insert within physical copies of the game. Digital versions will access the pre-order DLC automatically upon loading The Phantom Pain.

Kojima Productions has also confirmed that all four versions of Ground Zeroes will be able to use an accompanying iDROID App.

From the press release:

Accessible via iOS, Android, and Smart Glass systems, the iDRIOD service acts as a second game screen and syncs with the main action.

It can be used to show a map of the world and summon air support, while any cassettes found in the game can also be played via the App, and it will also show your global ranking in terms of mission success.

The iDROID also provides the ability to build Mother Base. The Mother Base concept was pioneered in METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER, and introduced as a central hub that allowed users to develop new armaments and store items for future use.

The Mother Base element is an integral part of the iDROID App and also works as a stand-alone game. Using iDROID, players can sync with GROUND ZEROES, and work on their Mother Base while on the road or listen to music and intel contained on cassette tapes found in the main game.

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