Megarom Interactive | Superhero-Game Hamper Give-Away

To celebrate Zombiegamer’s fresh new face, Megarom Interactive have kindly put together a Superhero-game hamper to give one lucky reader.

The hamper consists of:

  • X-Men Destiny [Xbox 360]
  • Spiderman Edge of Time [Xbox 360]

To enter simply mail ‘Megarom Super Hamper’ in the subject line to

*Competition valid to South African residents only*

*Winner will be randomly drawn on Thursday 3 November.  Competition closes at 5pm.*


About r0gue Zombie

Known as Victor Vieira to his mommy, r0gue is a Consoloptipus [con-sol-opti-pus] plural: con-sol–opto-pi • Derived from Latin meaning “he who is too cheap to buy a gaming pc” • Commonly found online. If encountered in natural habitat, presume dangerous [to himself]. • From the ‘alles-terian’ group [will eat anything]. Needs regular feeds.