Mega8 Pro16 Dota2 League & Mega8 Summer Cup

Mega8 Esports recently announced an upcoming Dota2 league. The post was more than a little vague and left a number of you confused about the format or track Mega8 were taking with their third Dota2 event since they started up. To clear that up, I contacted Alex Schmid over at Mega8 Esports for more information.

The Mega8 Esports Pro16: 8 Invited and 8 Wildcards teams

This is a two fold event, with the first part being the Pro16 Dota2 League. The league will consist of 8 invited teams and 8 wildcard qualifier teams split into two groups of 8. This essentially means 4x invited teams and 4x wildcard teams in group A, and 4x invited teams and 4x wildcard teams in group B. Mega8 are currently in contact with the teams they’re handing out direct invites to, so expect details on that in the coming days.

If you’re wondering how the wildcard qualifier seeds work, then this part is for you. Mega8 are currently allowing any and all Dota2 teams to register for the event here, so head over and sign up. The first 16 teams to sign up will take part in the wildcard qualifiers (although if there is a huge uptake Mega8 might increase this number to 32 teams). At the time of writing 4 teams have already signed up – so spots are going quickly. The wildcard qualifiers will take place over two days, on the 14th and 15th of October.

The wildcards will be in the Swiss format, which consists of each team playing up to five Bo1 fixtures. Teams that win 3 of their Bo1 matches qualify. Teams that lose 3 of their Bo1 matches don’t. This is a simplification, and if you’re interested or want to find out more I suggest checking out this article by Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen or. Alternatively check out the video by Thorin on the Swiss format in CSGO. This isn’t the first time Mega8 are using this system, and I’m personally a fan. It makes for entertaining qualifiers if you’re a spectator.

Only 8 teams will progress from the qualifiers to join the 8 invited teams to participate in the Pro16 Dota2 League, which starts roughly around the 22nd of October. In the group stage each team will play the other seven teams in a Bo3 series, amassing points in the typical league style. This entire league will probably take over 6 to 7 weeks to complete. At the end of the seven weeks the teams that place top 2 in group A and top 2 in group B will split the R20,000 prize pool. But wait, that’s not all…

The Mega8 Esports Summer Cup

The prize pool announced is only a small reward for teams that do well and come top of the group stages. In addition to this, teams that come top 4 in group A and top 4 in group B will earn a spot in the Mega8 Summer Cup. This will be the main event held either in December 2017, or mid- to late-January 2018. I suspect the latter will be the case, to avoid any clashes with a possible Orena event. In any regard, this is a confirmed LAN event. We’re not sure where it will be held yet or what the prize pool is, although these details will be released in the future. I assume this LAN event will see the top placing 8 teams from the group stages battle it out in a classic double elimination Bo3 format we’re used to.

Some Questions with Alex Schmid from Mega8 Esports

I had a fairly lengthy chat with Alex Schmid, and a bunch of the information is in the article above. However we’ve lifted some of the questions out of the interview for you to read through that didn’t exactly fit into the article, but are pretty cool and important bits to know going forward.

@SargonDota2: Alright. I know you can’t tell me, but I need to know. Who are the invited 8 teams?

Alex Schmidt: I can tell you that it’s going to be the big guys, definitely. I think we all know that. We know the likes of White Rabbit Gaming, Bravado Gaming, and probably Energy eSports will be there. One or two new faces, which will be nice but I’m not going to say anything. 

Okay. Let’s change track. How did you decide on your top 8?

We looked at the last VS Gaming tournament, we looked at our Winter Cup stats, but then the other thing we had to take into consideration was all the roster shuffles. A lot of teams have shuffled up. Bravado Gaming’s new team is completely new basically, but then looking at XTC Esports team, it’s the same team just with a different name. It hasn’t been the easiest way of picking them, but I think we have got the right guys in. We’ve also chosen them based on skill, but we’ve also looked at MGO’s and guys who are going to be able to put in the time and effort and give us the content we need. 

For the Mega8 Summer Cup LAN, do you guys intend on covering accommodation and travel expenses to your mystery location?

We’re looking at a few places to host the event, but we’ll try our best to accommodate teams. If it makes more sense to host it in JHB or CPT because that’s where the majority of teams are based, we might go that route. The idea is something we’re looking into, but it depends on a ton of factors. Our intentions are always genuine, but it is a case of getting all our ducks in a row in terms of funding and costs.

What is the Mega8 Summer Cup LAN prize pool?

We can confirm it’s a separate prize pool, but it’s still in progress. We don’t want to say anything yet.

What can you tell me about talent? You’ve mentioned streaming a ton of the matches.

Devin “HellbirD” Rigotti is working for Mega8 Esports at the moment. He is our head of talent and development. He will be bringing on a whole lot of casters. What he’s going to be doing is for the qualifiers he wants people to apply to Mega8 Esports directly. If he finds that the people who apply are good he will offer them a casting gig on our weekly broadcast for the group stages. He’ll be building a team of between six and eight casters, who will get slots to cast on the broadcasts every week. 

Is this a paid gig?

They will be paid, yes. The qualifiers won’t be paid, but the Pro16 Dota2 League will be paid.

Thanks for your time, Alex. I appreciate it.

No, thank you.

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