Any upcoming DLC for Mass Effect 3 is likely to be single player focused with Shepard playing the main role.

This is according to Producer Mike Gamble when speaking to Joystiq.

“We want to do single-player DLC,” he said. “We want to do single-player, maybe more multiplayer if people still play it.”

He went on to say that “Mass Effect 3 is Shepard’s story, so the single-player DLC forMass Effect 3 will probably focus around Shepard.”

“We see people who have everything unlocked all the way up to level 20 on everything, plus all the mods, plus all of the gear, everything,” said Gamble. “It takes a lot of time, a lot of time to get that stuff, like hundreds and hundreds of hours of play to usually get up to that level. And some of these people had done it in the first month to two months.”

Gamble was also been surprised by the response to the Vorcha class, playable for the first time in the Rebellion Pack DLC. “I expected people to shy away from the Vorcha because they’re Vorcha, but everyone seems to love to play with them.”