Shepard. Hidden.

Hidden inside the massive download that is the ‘Extended Cut’ DLC for Mass Effect 3 is a partial script which was spotted by the BioWare Social Network and extracted and posted to Pastebin.

The partial script includes new dialogue from all the game’s main characters, which is presumed to have been recorded alongside the Extended Cut.

This does tie in a little with a Tweet by Mass Effect 3 producer Mike Gamble last night which teased more content was coming:

“As I’ve said before, we do this for you! EC was our gift to the fans. Hope you enjoyed. Also… keep your ears open over the next little while.”

BioWare will be addressing fans at the San Diego Comic-Con which starts 12 July 12 and runs until 15 July.

Eurogamer has summarised the partial script and we have hidden it below, so only look if you don’t mind some spoilers.

[hide-this-part Morelink=”Spoiler Here:”]

The revealing new expansion is set to focus on a traitorous Reaper named Leviathan.

Shepard is sent to rescue the scientist Ann Brynson, who you find at a Reaper-indoctrinated mining facility. The colony has been controlled by a Reaper named Leviathan for 10 years.

Leviathan is referred to as a defector, a traitor who killed one of its own kind.

One dialogue line hints to more information about the Reapers’ creators, briefly alluded to by the Star Child in the game’s ending.

“So the Reapers did not fully exterminate their creators. That suggests they are fallible, even on large or long-term scales.”

Leviathan can then join the fight against the other Reapers, presumably becoming a War Asset. Brynson can either live or die based upon your choices.

A Reaper named Leviathan has been mentioned before in Mass Effect lore. Scanning a planet in Mass Effect 1 revealed “The Leviathan of Dis”, the corpse of a presumed-dead living starship. Then, in Mass Effect 3, the character Balak (if kept alive in Mass Effect 1 DLC Bring Down the Sky) hints that the Leviathan was an dormant Reaper, which the batarians have accidentally reactivated.