Major Battlefield 3 Patch Could Arrive Next Week

It looks like the Battlefield 3 update could arrive as early as next week as it is currently in the certification stage with Microsoft and Sony.

DICE community manager, Daniel Matros confirmed the certification news on Twitter and the Battlefield 3 Blog points out that the last patch took around a week to get approved to go live.

The incoming patch will address and tweak many aspects including the infamous ‘USAS-12’ and its overly potent frag rounds. Core Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 3, Alan Ketz explainsL

“So it’s a lot of consideration that goes in to crafting an update with as many fixes and changes as we have prepped for our next update. Sometimes the community comes together and clearly demands a fix: “The USAS-12 and FRAG rounds are Over Powered!” or “MAV elevators have got to go!

“It’s easy to make a quick reaction fix, though every “fix” for an issue can be essentially ruining another player’s fun.  What’s game breaking for balance to one player is the very thing that helps another enjoy the game. It’s my job to pick which issues to fix, how to fix them, and analyze their overall impact on the game.”

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