• Multi-platform Compatible with Dual In-line Audio Controllers
  • 3.5mm Smart-device In-line for Fingertip Control of Phone Calls
  • PC/Mac In-line Connects Directly to Soundcards via Stereo (green) and Microphone (pink) Connectors
  • Expansive Stereo Sound via Extra Large 40mm Speakers
  • Foldable Chassis Promotes Portability
  • Custom Travel Pouch Included
  • Designed for Extended Comfort with a Padded, Adjustable Head rail

RRP: R 1899.00

As gamers we are always looking for a good headset. Either we are trying to be sensitive to the feelings of the people around us and don’t want them to be bothered with all the sound, or we need to it shout at our friends while playing online. However more often than not, these headsets are big and clunky and can’t really travel well. So what is a gamer on the go to do?

The Wild Catz F.R.E.Q. m tries to answer that question. This little kitty comes with 40mm speakers which are pretty big for its size. However it is still small enough to fit in any backpack for when you want to go out.


It sports an on ear headset design. I have never really been a fan of these types of headsets since they would make my ears ache after using them for too long. However the F.R.E.Q. m was surprisingly comfortable. Another reason I prefer over ear headsets is because they help with noise cancellation. I can’t say that with the F.R.E.Q. m’s I couldn’t hear anything other than what was playing but again they did surprisingly well in this area since they are designed to cut out any ambient noise. It cut out just enough noise to enjoy but also still know when someone is trying to talk to you. Which is great when you are sitting at your desk at work listening to some metal.

Sound quality wise, the F.R.E.Q. m is pretty decent and I would class it in the mid-range category of audio devices. The mic on the other hand gave some issues. While using over teamspeak or when phoning someone I had to physically hold the mic closer to my mouth in order for anyone to hear me. This might be because the mic is in line with the audio cable which hangs straight down from the earpiece. This means it is a fair distance from your mouth making it hard to pick up any sound.


Speaking of the audio cable, you receive two when purchasing this product. One cable is for the PC and includes the mic plug and the other is for use with mobile devices. So the cables detaches from the headset meaning you can move from PC to mobile without having to get the cables out. Which I found really convenient.

The problem with these headphones though comes with the price. The RRP for SA is R1899 which is a little steep considering it goes for $59.99 (roughly R640) on Amazon. I know this is SA and all and with shipping and markups being added it becomes routine for us to pay a bit more. But three times as much?


It is simple really. At less than R900 these are a solid purchase that will bring you a lot of happiness. At R1899 there are much better products out there for you to rather splash on.

You can currently buy the headset from My Gadgets who have it available in a variety of colours at a discounted price of R1459.