Luna Paige Storielied | Zombiegamer Review

I have a fairly eclectic taste in music and I’m always interested to try something new, be it the latest Zef offering or the next level of dub step. The great thing with music is my taste changes to suit my mood. Some musicians are great to listen to in rapt silence, others are suited for behind an evening with friends and others are ideal for that long car drive with an awesome sound system.

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Luna Paige’s ‘Storielied’ is perfect for a quiet moment, when you’re in the mood for poetic folky songs which lilt and swell with emotion and heartfelt sentiment. If you’re a die hard metal fan, this might not be your cup of tea, or shot of Jager. But you never know, it might surprise you.

‘Storielied’ includes the 13-track CD and an accompanying DVD featuring a live performance. Luna often plays around Cape Town and the DVD gives you the chance to see her in action from the comfort of your lounge. From behind the piano, she introduces each song, giving a little background on the inspiration which makes it far more intimate than just popping the CD in and pressing play.

Each song was inspired either by a story she read, or by the feelings and themes she found hidden within the words of authors. It’s a fantastic concept, original songs, inspired by South African stories – and so beautifully realised.

She is accompanied by the likes of Schalk Joubert, Gerald Clark, Willem Moller, Kevin Gibson and Ronan Skillen. It’s great seeing them perform together with a variety of other musicians. Almost as good as seeing them live.

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Luna’s voice is soothing and often haunting, the Afrikaans poetry flows smoothly and evokes majestic imagery in tracks like her interpretation of FAK song ‘Ou Karo’. In ‘Wiegelied vir ‘n Ou Man’ she skilfully blends two stories, Danie Botha’s ‘Iemand by die Agterdeur’ and Chris Barnard’s ‘Die Bos’, into a stirring musical tale. ‘Altyd Kom die Somer Weer’ is a beautiful, moving song birthed from Margaret Bakkes book of the same name.

The DVD also includes a few extras like behind the scenes footage, interviews and a music video. It’s a delightful look at Luna herself and the team who helped make ‘Storielied’ happen.
The CD and DVD are a wonderful introduction to Luna Paige and once you’ve been bitten by her energy and music it won’t be long before you’re tracking down her next show.