Three members of the LulzSec hacker group have been sentenced to jail terms, while the youngest managed to get away with a suspended sentence.

The hackers notoriously hacked into Sony data bases, and were reported to have cost the Playstation Network service provider with damages amounting to 20 million Dollars.

GamesIndustry report that all four members had pleaded guilty to a number of charges prior to the verdict. One member has also pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography.

Jake Davis, 20, was sentenced to a 2 year jail term in London yesterday. Ryan Cleary, 23, was given 32 months in prison, and Ryan Ackroyd, 26, was sentenced to 30 months. 17 year-old Mustafa Al-Bassam received a 2 year suspended sentence.

“After initially being alerted by the FBI to criminal activity on British soil, we…quickly began unpicking LulzSec, who had been running riot,” said detective superintendent Charlie McMurdie, quoted by Reuters.

“Today’s convictions should serve as a deterrent to others who use the internet to commit cyber-attacks.”