Local Xbox 360 Users Angry About No LIVE Support…Still

by Victor ‘r0gue’ Vieira

I wasn’t at the Xbox 360 launch way back then. But it is looking as though it was similar to a campaign for an election of some sort. You know those political party speeches “We will bring free housing for the poor…and and and.” These speeches are designed to create hope, excitement and most of all support. South African gamers that attended the launch told us of how we would have LIVE support “within months.” In all fairness, they had to be big and bold if they were to get a share of PlayStations massive console make… “How long has the 360 been on sale? Were they empty promises to sell consoles? Were there ever ‘real’ plans to bring it here? What is the problem? Why do we pay as much for LE and are stripped of the goodies we bought it for? Why bring in this ‘special’ edition at all if we don’t get what we wanted?”

These are the questions 360 users are asking, and Microsoft seems to be dancing around these questions. Well the situation is now boiling over yet again, as we will not be getting DLC with the LE edition of Forza 3 because “SA is not LIVE supported blah blah blah…”


We used to get the same treatment and game version as the rest of the world, which included DLC for all sorts of goodies. Nowadays we pay the same price for these special editions and get a key-ring or pretty boxing. So we use the everyday man’s voice of injustice that is www.hellopeter.com, where we can put up a fight to ‘machine.’ And what do we get in return? A generic but hopeful, sensitive and legally minded message written by PR Person, giving us some more hope but no solution or the actual answer. This has been going on for years now and still no LIVE. Microsoft has been “looking at every avenue” to bring us LIVE according to some of their replies. Well come on now, we are not asking for a space-station here, which incidentally man has created, how hard can it be to bring us LIVE?


I think fans are at the point now where they are just sick of empty promises and I think we would all appreciate honest answers; we are looking for actual facts now and not a hopeful speech. Hell, I would even appreciate a “SORRY…FORGET ABOUT IT NOW, AS MICROSOFT DOES NOT SEE ENOUGH PROFIT IN IT!” response over the generic kind.


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