Local Podcast Feautures Interviews With Gaming Devs and Specialists [8BitBot]



The only good news that came out of the Gamerlobby team calling it a day, is that its creator will now be concentrating on the already very popular- 8BitBot podcast.

8BitBot is the growing dedicated podcast website that brings gamers content that is both entertaining and informative. The two guys behind the podcast site, Devon (Marketing & PR @ Megarom) and Delon Misic (Gaming Blogger – www.curiousonion.com and co-creator of www.littlebigland.com ), have both been involved with the gaming industry so I think it is fair to say that they have a good handle on what gamers will be interested in.

Be sure to keep an eye on 8bitbot for interviews with gaming specialists and developers. Their next interview will be with the COO of Slightly Mad Studios, Stephen Viljoen.

See 8BitBot Official Site.