Liquid Blast UnWINEd Football Cup | New weekly FIFA 13 Tournament Announced

unWINed Football

We’re football crazy, we’re football mad.  Well, we would be if we were still any good at actually playing it.  Thankfully, while our days of running around in the rain are well behind us, we can enjoy the infinitely less strenuous effort of playing virtual football in EA’s FIFA.  There are a number of FIFA related tournaments happening regularly around Cape Town – the monthly FIFACHAMPS and monthly Trenchtown FIFA event – with a few more in the works, if my sources are to be trusted.

We would now like to introduce you to the Liquid Blast UnWINEd Football Cup.

Starting from Monday (the 4th of March) and running every Monday thereafter (the event may take a break on the Trenchtown Monday night FIFA event every last Monday of the month), the FIFA 13 event will find its home at the UnWINEd restaurant in Sunset Beach, Milnerton.

R50 will get you in to the tournament and also includes a Prego Roll and a can of Liquid Blast.  Of course, we know people love to win, and when there are prizes to go with that win, it’s a very sweet deal indeed, and in this (excuse the upcoming, but vague pun) case the prizes included vouchers, wine, energy drinks, 2upGamers entry, medals and more.  One of the prize items that astute FIFA gamers may have noticed is the 2upGamers entry.  This tournament joins FIFACHAMPS and Trenchtown as part of a Cape Town drive to give FIFA players an additional incentive to get involved.  Entry to 2upGamers includes a seeded (free) entry into the FIFA 13 tournament every month which will offer its own sponsored prizes.  If you’re a Cape Town based FIFA player, there are now no excuses, it’s time to show off your skills.

Entries to the UnWINEd Cup will be restricted to 32 players per night.  The full list of prizes are as follows:

1st Place: (±R600.00 value)
Voucher for unWINEd valued at R300.00
12 x Liquid Blast
Bottle of wine
2upGamers entry into monthly tournament
Winners Medal
Invitation for the Grand Final
2nd Place: (±R300.00 value)
Voucher for unWINEd valued at R200.00 (value R200.00)
6 x Liquid Blast
Runners up medal
3rd Place: (±R150.00 value)
Voucher for unWINEd valued at R100.00 (value R100.00)
3 x Liquid Blast
3rd place medal

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