Let’s be honest. There’s never such a thing as ‘too many zombies’. If there were too many zombies, there would be no humans to feast on, and that really would not be any fun for anyone. However, in every game ever made, too many zombies usually means finding as many unique ways as possible to kill the undead. No-one seems to have ever considered a world building game which requires finding ways to get humans and zombies to co-exist.

Sadly, Lifeless is not about to change that. It will however attempt to offer zombie slayers another opportunity to exact mass zombie genocide in a “multiplayer FPS zombie survival game”.

Where the game claims to differ from the others in the genre, is that the world is ” filled with challenging and intelligent zombies” in a “vast and dangerous world”. We’ve heard it before to be fair, but the “intelligent zombies” is a new on on us. Humans have clearly not spent as much time studying zombies as they think they have. Intelligent zombies would know when to run away rather than run to their obvious doom.

The game promises to offer the following features:

  • Fortify Buildings
  • Build and set traps
  • Fight against intelligent and randomized zombies
  • Build your character with unlimited levels
  • Customize your weapons and gear

The game is being developed by Stockholm, Sweden based Rigid-Soft, and is expected to land on PC in Summer 2014, but has been in development since 2012 when a “small prototype” was developed and set players the task of defending themselves in a building being attacked by the undead horde.

The game will be released for Mac, Linux and Oculus Rift at a “later date”, but a small part of us wishes that more zombie-slaying MMOs would head to console. It’s where our friends live.

For more on the game, head to the official website.