L.A. Noire | More new screens

Some new screenshots from Rockstar’s gritty crime thriller have been released and they all appear to focus on the dark subject of murder.  Splendid.

From "The Red Lipstick Murder". An eagle’s eye for detail. The smallest and most insignificant seeming item could be the entire key to the case.
Another unfortunate victim. Phelps examines the corpse for telling signs of trauma.
A rogue’s gallery of suspects. Only the most savvy and unrelenting interrogation will yield who’s hiding a truth amongst men such as this.
A psychopathic killer leaves a message on the victim.
Another victim falls prey in a string of brutal killings around Los Angeles.

From Rockstar Newswire:
As Detective Cole Phelps in L.A. Noire, you’ll rise through the ranks of the LAPD, along the way facing cases across five different department crime desks. One of the most brutal and harrowing will be that of Homicide.

Los Angeles is being terrorized with a series of horrific murders perpetrated on young women. As these cases get reported, it will be up to you to bring the guilty to justice. Is this the work of a lone killer or sick copycats? Some glimpses of Phelps’ pursuit of the killer or killers were seen in Monday’s big Official Trailer #2 – and today, we present the below brand new screens taken from murders on that desk.

Tomorrow, look for the launch of the new official L.A. Noire website with a bit more on the Homicide crime desk including high-res versions of these and other new crime scene screens too grisly for the Rockstar Newswire.