Metal Gear creator, Hideo Kojima has given the Playstation 4 the nod as the best home console.

“I think, between the home consoles available in the domestic market, the PS4 is the best.”

Dualshockers are citing an interview published on Famitsu, where the acclaimed Kojima discusses the Metal Gear upcoming games and drops technical opinions on the consoles.

He backs up his opinion with some technical reasons that drew him to the conclusion. Kojima explained that with the PS4’s memory, it is possible to load the map in the background without the loading times that were necessary with previous machines.

“It’s also excellent for graphics, being able to render 1080p at 60fps with room to spare,” he continued.

“Since it does it a little better than other hardware, the image quality of the PS4 is the most beautiful. It’s the closest to the photorealistic quality we are aiming at.”

He also praised the Remote Play functionality between the Playstation 4 and Vita.

[via MCV]