Kipman Believes Kinect is the “First Step in Making Technology Disappear”

Alex Kipman, the brainchild behind Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 believes that people haven’t realized that technology is “luring them away from humanity,” but that Kinect could be the beginning of a shift in the industry toward a “more human path.”

“Kinect is an inflection point in that journey,” he said.

“It’s the first step in making technology disappear – and the start of a shift that will put our industry on a more human path.”

The now general manager of hardware incubation in the Interactive Entertainment Business unit at Microsoft notes that people have become so involved with technology that we have started to disappear into our devices.

“Real life is passing them by and they don’t even know it!,” states Kipman.

Explaining how Kinect may lead us on a more ‘humane’ path, Kipman explains that computers “are binary things,” where everything is a one or a zero; and black or white, whereas the real world is “analog, not digital.”

“We’re not machines that think in ones or zeros but we deal in terms of signals and noise.

“We look at the entire world and think in terms of signals and push out the noise,” explains Kipman.

Kipman believes that Kinect can help get us back to the human path as it allows “people to do what we do best; create, collaborate, play and love. People will once again enjoy the life that breathes all around them.”

[via the Microsoft Blog]


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