Around 90% of you probably just stopped and wondered… “What the hell is King of Footie and why didn’t I know about it?”  It’s probably easier – and lazy on my part – to simply direct you to our previous article on the event.  But I’m a nice guy, so here are the highlights.

Musica, Mweb, EA and Xbox 360 SA have decided it’s time to crown the ‘King of Footie’.  Four regionals around the country – two in Cape Town, one in Johannesburg and one in Durban – and one Grand Final in Cape Town.  Thankfully, winning in Johannesburg and Durban does not mean you will have to find your own way to Cape Town – flights and accommodation to Cape Town for the 28 September final will be paid for by the sponsors.  Ah.  Now you’re taking more notice.

Sadly for Captonians however, the horse has bolted.  This past weekend saw the Cape Town qualifiers happen at two of the Musica Megastores in the Mother City with Johannesburg happening this coming weekend and Durban the weekend after – details below.

So what happened at Musica Canal Walk and Cavendish Square this weekend?  Four consoles, four 46” LED TVs and 40 players happened – that’s what.

Musica Megastore in Canal Walk at noon on Saturday and 16 players have registered and are itching to kick around a ball for glory.  At 1pm the first rounds kicked off in a frenzy of Real Madrid focused football.  No… no-one appears to select Manchester United anymore.  Or Liverpool.  The early rounds proved to be open and had their fair share of goals.  As the players got closer to the semi-finals it was clear that the pressure was starting to get to them.  The games became more cagey.  In the end it was Francois ‘Fraansman’ Van Schalkwyk and Khalil Jiwan who made it to the finals with the game ending 2-1 in favour of Khalil.

Over to Cavendish Square Musica Megastore for day two and after the initial 16 registrations – and much to the sponsor’s delight – another eight participants were added due to demand (and thanks to literally a last second entry as the first round was about to finish).  The tournament was adjusted to allow for the 24 players which included some familiar faces from the day before who were determined to improve on their game.  One of the returning players was losing finalist Francois who was determined to finish triumphant this time around.  In another Real Madrid favoured event, all the games appeared to be much tighter affairs from the offset.  More games landed up being decided by way of tense penalty shootouts than the previous day, but the most consistent player of the weekend held his nerve to make the final again.  Francois and Darren Daniels kicked the final off with Francois scoring a very early goal and looking good to take the win.  It wasn’t to be however, and in the end Darren took the game 3-1 to ensure he was at the event on the 28th of September.

The two winners from Cape Town must now wait to find out who their opponents from the Johannesburg and Durban events will be to decide the King of Footie which will be played on FIFA 13 at Mweb in Parow.

Speaking to two of Musica’s main drivers (Game Buyer Jonathan and Marketing Head Ian) of this event, it’s clear that the national retailer wants to do more and bigger events of this nature and Mweb GameZone’s Des and Bradley concur.  We’d suggest you start to keep your eye out for some exciting announcements, because if the off-the-record conversations are anything to go by, you’re in for a few treats.

For more pictures from the Canal Walk event, head here.

For more pictures from the Cavendish Square event, head here.

The Musica King of Footie Tournament is taking place at the following participating stores.


Canal Walk – 8th September 2012

Cavendish – 9th September 2012


Rosebank – 16th September 2012


Westville – 22nd September 2012

Registrations for each of the events will open at 12h30

Seats for tournament entries are very limited, so if you want to take part, we suggest you be there promptly for registration!  The games will be played on Microsoft XBOX consoles, in case you were wondering.

The specific terms and conditions, along with tournament rules will be presented to entrants at the start of the events at the participating stores.

In addition to the competition, visitors to the Musica stores will also have the opportunity to take advantage of some awesome gaming promotions in association with MWEB and Musica.

For more information on the event, follow the tournament on:

Twitter: @KingOfFootie