Kinect hands-on impressions…yay

Today at rAge was the first time South Africans got to see or experience Microsoft’s Kinect [because we do not reside on the same planet in the Milky Way as the rest of the world]. Kinect detects the player with no hassles or configuration needed. Depending on the game you easily swipe to select and off you go, again effortlessly and simple. You then use full body motion, which is supposedly the real up side of Kinect.

I first sampled an avatar table tennis game, swinging my arms around and using my hand as the paddle.Graphics are very bright, basic and do a great job of creating a ‘fun’ atmosphere. The sounds are straight out of an arcade, again fun and bubbly. Nothing more straight forward than flapping of one’s limbs around resulting in a digital shot of Prozac…fun and casual, I was done in five minutes flat.

Next up was Dance Dance Revolution [the things I do for a story]. Graphics and sound I could describe in exactly the same way I did the previous game. I did find my movement weren’t quite in sync with the character on the screen – the latency was noticeable.

In terms of the games I saw, Kinect comes off to me as a very casual form of entertainment, nothing complicated, nothing precise, but I am sure a whole lot of fun for those who want the sort of experience they get when walking into a modern day arcade. Loads of innovative forms of games, and absolutely great for a laugh, but nothing that would make an addict out of me. If I were to own the system, it would probably make its way to the lounge at a party or fun with family, however not something I would spend hours gaming alone with.

As you should know by now though, there is quite a bit more to it than just casual games. Kinect is an excellent device from a communication’s standpoint, connecting people in video and more, using Microsoft’s various packages. It will also have a great fitness title, [like I care] and you will be able to use it with the next Forza [with a pretend steering wheel].

So in conclusion, I am impressed, but it’s not for me thanks. You see, I recently tried Playstation’s Move which I found fluid as well as fun. The graphics were more acceptable to a ‘core’ gamer and the biggest plus for me with Move over Kinect is the fact that Move put a peripheral in my hand, with button even. With Move I can imagine buying the Sports package for fun with the family, then Resident Evil or Heavy Rain for when I am doing my thing as a ‘core’ gamer. Move will even put a machine gun peripheral in my hands.

I am sure Kinect will be a runaway hit, there is a huge market for casual games. For me though, as a ‘core’ gamer, as it stands with the titles in mind and no peripherals – I’m not really whipping out the credit card just yet. Sony seem to have my money here.

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