Killzone 4 in the works… coming to PS4?

All this rampant speculation makes for interesting reading admittedly, but we shall adopt our standard policy and wait for official confirmation.  In the meanwhile, this is the story – more or less.

CVG is reporting that in the latest issue of Edge Magazine that the “bulk” of Guerrilla Games’ staff are hard at work on a fourth instalment of the Killzone series.

In Edge’s latest issue – with subscribers now – Guerilla’s studio founder Adrian Smith stated that they have “got to continue the Killzone franchise.”  Along with the next Killzone, the studio also working on a new IP led by former Killzone game director Mathijs de Jonge. [Edge]

“An embryonic new IP is growing within the studio for the first time in seven years,” according to the magazine. “Additional staff cycle in from the Killzone team for brief stints to lend their expertise.”

Smith also stated: “We’re at 160 heads now; we’re looking to get to about 190 to 200 within 12 months. That may or may not happen because of our benchmark.”

So where does the PS4 fit in to all this?  Well, based on a previous Edge report claiming that we can expect the next-generation of consoles next year, some sites appear to be speculating that Killzone 4 may be a PlayStation 4 launch title.  And us?  Maybe, but the PS4 is probably only going to launch in 2014… Yeah, you read it here first.*

*Please note, you sometimes need to take anything the author says with a pinch of salt.  He is often found writing articles in his room in an asylum… [Undead Ed]