Kalahari’s Turbo Save Sale starts today

Turbo Sale

Kalahari.com have kicked off a new game sale from today.  The sale dubbed the ‘Turbo Save Game Sale‘ essentially discounts you for buying two games at once.

Yes, if you’re craving a copy of SingStar Afrikaanse Treffers on the PS3 and a copy of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus on the Vita (because you have violent tendencies that no amount of singing can quell) you can save around R100 by buying them together.  The sale is a mix ‘n match sale over platforms, and there is a fair number of titles to choose from.

Click the licks below to see the specials.

2 x PC Games For R99

2 x Hidden Objects Or Casual Games For R129 (Mix & Match)

2 x Wii, PS2 or PSP Games For R199 (Mix & Match)

2 x PS3, Xbox 360 or 3DS Games For R299 (Mix & Match)

2 x PS3, Xbox 360, Wii or DS Games For R399 (Mix & Match)

2 x PS3 & Xbox 360 Games For R499 (Mix & Match)

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