Jimmy vs Zombies | Zombiegamer Review


Developer: The One Man Army – Game Studio
For fans of: Tower Defense, Killing Zombies
Reviewed on: Xbox 360
Also available on: PC
If we had to give it a numerical score: 7/10

What I liked

  • Fun Tower Defense aspect
  • Great value for money

Not so much

  • Not a lot of variety

Simplicity is the order of things with Jimmy vs Zombies. You play as the title character Jimmy. A rockstar in the making who plays guitar in his very own garage band. But Nathan, the evil kid in town, has never really liked Jimmy and wants to destroy him. So he used an evil spell to bring forth the Zombie Horde to destroy Jimmy. So Jimmy and his band’s bassist Angela set forth to fight off the zombies.

The gameplay is pretty straight forward. You take control of either Jimmy or Angela and shoot zombies that come at you from either side with a gun. If a zombie touches you, you lose a hit point. If you run out of hit points the game is over. Some zombies drop food that heals the player or one of two guns. One gun is stronger and kills the zombies faster and the other gun drives them back while killing them. The aim is to survive 8 waves of zombies per stage while keeping Jimmy or Angela healthy as can be. Jimmy is also equipped with turrets and landmines to help him out when things get too heated and knowing where to use these will be key to survival. It is this blend of side scrolling and tower defense that makes Jimmy vs Zombies as much fun as it is.


On certain levels you will also need to protect an object in the form of a grandmother or a special aid supply box. On these levels you need to keep Jimmy and the object safe from the harm of the zombie touch. It brings the tower defense element of the game to the fore as you run from side to side trying your best to keep the zombies at bay. As you accumulate points in the form of gold, there are certain upgrades you can buy like more hit points or rapid fire.

Jimmy vs Zombies also features a local co op and versus mode. In co op you both take the game on together shooting down bats and killing zombies. In versus mode however, one player takes control of the zombies choosing spawn points and what type of zombie to spawn at which point in order to overwhelm the other player.


Jimmy vs Zombies is a great little game that won’t take up much of your time and is best for those short bursts of gaming that is needed while waiting for Youtube to buffer or your braai guests to arrive. At 80 MS Points on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, it is money well spent.