Is Saints Row 4 Deep Silver’s “something huge” for PAX 2013?

Saints Row The Third

Saints Row’s new publisher Deep Silver is teasing “huge” news for PAX East which happens this month.

Deep Silver acquired the Saints Row franchise from THQ for in January, and Saints Row 4 was previously announced in 2011 as a title that would be “wilder” than Saints Row: The Third, reports GameSpot.

Deep Silver marketing manager Aubrey Norris tweeted the following message over the weekend:

“Dear media: You’re going to want to be at PAX East this year.

“If not, you’re going to be missing out on something HUGE. Just FYI!”

Deep Silver also publish the Dead Island titles, but we know Dead Island: Riptide is on the way. It also publishes the Risen and Sacred titles.

Given that Saints Row is the publishers’ latest and a major acquisition, and since Riptide has already been extensively covered, the “something huge” could very well be Saints Row related .

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