IO Interactive Assure Fans of ‘Hardcore Stealth Gameplay’ in Hitman Absolution

IO Interactive has assured fans that they will find the hardcore stealth gameplay in Hitman Absolution’s and that the trailers released so far do not tell the whole story.

Eurogamer report of the Hitman Absolution gameplay videos that we have seen thus far shown the more brutal side of Hitman which is somewhat not was fans of the series are accustomed to, but IO producer Luke Valentine says Absolution offers the best of both worlds – action focused gameplay and bitterly difficult, hardcore stealth.

“It’s true, the trailers do look more action focused,” Valentine explained.

“The thing is, what do you do when you’re marketing a video game? How do you make a trailer of stealth? How do you make a trailer of Hitman observing AI patterns or sitting in cover for a minute? No-one would watch it.”

The producer mentioned of how the trailers of the studio’s previous titles were also not representative of the games, filled with action whereas the games themselves were not action-packed. He explains that the trailers were made that way as  they were more exciting for viewers.

“Sitting and watching someone, although as an experience it’s exciting because you’re tense and you’re nervous as hell about messing up, it’s not an exciting way to show stuff. The comments are valid. But the people who worry it’s an action game just need to look back on the previous trailers and see the marketing was the same, actually.”

Valentine also revealed that Absolution is being built with a new engine with IO’s “own technology.”