You may have noticed (or not) that we have started rolling out and mentioning an event called T-Fest, but have not really said what exactly it’s all about. Simply put, it’s a ‘themed gaming and market day’. A day out for the family who may have a passing interest in gaming, anime, cosplay, comics or any of the other ‘alternative’ scenes that many actually like but pretend they don’t.

You may remember the days (only around three years ago) when Cape Town’s gamers were a social bunch. Things changed slightly (some of that may actually be our fault) and the competitive scene started to get all the fun. Now we haven’t forgotten about either of you, and while T-Fest will be our event for the social beast in all of you, the competitive players need not worry as we will be hosting events for them on other days. But that doesn’t excuse you from attending T-Fest.

So, for four months we will be hosting four events, and we should have some surprises at every one of them. The great thing is that entry to the event itself is free and we encourage you to bring your family and friends (if you have real life ones) as we will strive to keep everyone entertained at Trenchtown (which has been supporting gaming for more than a year now) on the day.

At each event we will have a market, where vendors will be selling unique items. There will be gaming tournaments – both paid entry and free – with cash prizes, products and vouchers. You will be able to try games that released in the month, as well as just playing favourites, because you can. The day will feature card games, cosplay and more. And for those brave enough, there will be outdoor activities such as ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ dodgeball, Airsoft target shooting and more.

It should be fun. In fact, it’s free, so it will certainly be good value at least. Now how about you keep these dates open in your diary:


In the next day or so we will begin detailing the 30 August event and registrations will be opened for the ‘Total Gamer’ Tournament which will require contestants to be able to play three game genres – or even a fourth in the event of a tie – to determine Trenchtown’s Total Gamer.

We can also reveal that we have confirmed prizes for the events sponsored by these fantastic people, with more to be confirmed:

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