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International Cricket 2010 picks up where last years Ashes left off. It is officially licensed by the ECB and Cricket Australia so it features the said countries 2010 official players, stadium and kits. It was developed by Codemaster’s Trickstar Games and published by Codemasters and delivers the simulated authentic cricket experience.


Gameplay and Features

The presentation is very similar to the Ashes presentation with the menus. The graphics have been ever so slightly tweaked but still very off par with the likes of EA or even 2K sport games as is the sound. It is only once you get to the middle of the pitch that you notice that it is in fact a new title. Sound, like the visuals, is the same (poor’ish) attempt straight out of Ashes. It is a good thing this title has a fair amount of editing options for the players because I did not recognize one player who all look bland and lifeless as do the crowds. Followers of the series will report on a definite jump from Brian Lara to Ashes but I can not say the same for this latest from the series – overall the sound and visuals did not impress me… at all. The game looks and sounds very low budget and outdated.

In International Cricket 2010 you can play singleplayer or online in test cricket, one day or twenty over cricket. The biggest new addition is an ‘over-the-shoulder camera’ that delivers more immersive action. You can still use the broadcast-style view previously used in Codemaster cricket games should you prefer but then you might aswell save the money and keep Ashes. You can now press a button when you are ready to face a ball when batting and also look around at the fielders before facing. Then the batting is familiar and uses the same mechanics as before and you have all the plethora of shot options you had before. Bowling again uses the same mechanics and options as before in a tweaked presentation and in the new over-the-shoulder camera which does make it more exciting. Same to report with the fielding, although I did notice more animations than before, but never anything lively to help immerse you. The animations of all the actions are still very robotic and if you just switched off your EA World Cup 2010 game and turned IC 2010 on, it’s almost as if you jumped back a few years.

If I bought the game for singleplayer only, I probably would be selling it after a long weekend. The AI is just not challenging enough and don’t seem to evolve or change their approach much as you go through the overs. I quickly came to terms with the AI competition (I am used to the series though) and so in no time I was exploiting the AI. The twenty overs games is about the most exciting game mode versus the AI as mistakes can cost you dearly when going all out. The more overs you have, the more patient your approach and so the more predictable the AI becomes.

Online or multiplayer is where this one is best experience and I must admit, in this form I did have a blast for awhile. You are challenged by ‘intelligence’ and so it becomes cricket with all the thrills and spills associated with the sport. One bad over and your fate could change. That paired about with the unpredictability of your thinking opponent and you have a good gaming time indeed. The only thing that really irritates me in multiplayer mode was the lack of stat tracking (also in sp). Stat tracking obviously helps you plan your strategy by seeing how the teams are playing. It would definitely add to the experience and is sorely missed in this title.


What I liked

  • At least we have a cricket game
  • Batting is always fun
  • Bowling is fun now to
  • Twenty over cricket added
  • Over the shoulder camera

What I disliked

  • Presentation, graphics and sound still poor
  • AI is easy to exploit
  • Not immersive because of all it’s lacking
  • No stats tracking
  • Not enough of a step forward



International Cricket 2010 is a familiar cricket game to those that have followed the series. It is a little too familiar for my liking albeit the new camera definitely picked it up a notch. The mechanics play a decent game of cricket, the new view works but the many negatives detracts from the positives for me. It is definitely one for the fans but even they will probably like me feel disappointed with the steps forward or lack there of. I will seriously think twice about buying the next one in the series, but the new camera definitely separates this one from Ashes.

Good fun when played with others, and it is the best cricket game, but only by default.

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International Cricket 2010 is also available on Xbox 360 and PC. For more visit the official game site.


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