Injustice 2 | Game Review

This review is an unedited version of the review written by Zombie Dredd and published in the Tech Magazine: Issue 48 August 2017.

Injustice 2 is a fighting game for fans of the DC Comics universe, but thankfully it’s also a fighting game for those that aren’t. Injustice 2 takes all the good that was in Injustice: Gods Among Us and gives it a spit, polish and kick in the teeth to ensure that the sequel is something just a little bit special.

The most important element in a fighting game is the fighting mechanics itself, and in this regard, Injustice 2 does not disappoint. New players will feel a nurtured enough not to shy away from the game while the complexity ramps up for the more experienced players. Generally, the fighter’s movements are fluid and hitting your combos appears almost effortless thanks to the character animation.

Injustice 2 boasts a comprehensive roster of fighters featuring most of your favourite (and not so favourite) DC Comics characters. There will be a character for you when it comes to skill level and style preference. Character balance is pretty spot on and there are very few overpowered characters that can’t be countered with a little practice.

As with the previous Injustice, there are interactive environments, clashes, arena transitions and super moves. A new loot system – called the ‘Gear System’ – rewards players throughout the various gameplay modes with new equipment and costume pieces. These items can boost your character’s base stats, as well as adding an element of customisation. It is also an element that can be turned off when you decide to up the stakes and take on a friend (or foe).

The game comes packed with a number of modes including a single player and online modes, with the addition of a new ‘Multiverse’ mode which mimics Mortal Kombat X’s ‘Living Towers’ mode. In the Multiverse you will be able to travel through series of parallel worlds in the DC Universe and battle in a number of timed tasks. Each offers a series of opponents to fight who may come with a variety of handicaps, stipulations, and objectives.

One of the real surprises with Injustice 2 is the single player story. In most fighting games, the story is a throwaway but not so this time. It’s an engaging trip through the DC universe that focuses on the battle between Batman and Superman and their supporters, as well as a third threat to mankind. Admittedly, the story is all conveyed via cutscenes with each being a precursor to another superhuman face off, but it’s beautifully told. In fact, the game is pretty graphically breath-taking generally.

In many ways, this is the game the developers – NeatherRealm Studios – have been working towards their entire existence. Mortal Kombat X was a gory masterpiece but it relied on the gruesomeness to hide a number of issues. This is not the case with Injustice 2. Sure, fans of more obscure fighting games may not love it, but the great thing is that even players who don’t love fighting games are likely to love Injustice 2 – it really is just that good.

Score: 9/10
Available on: PlayStation and Xbox One
Distributed in SA by: Ster Kinekor Entertainment

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