inFamous – Review (PS3)

By PsiCoNaut


I think the worst problem with this game is that I played it after [prototype]. With that been said, it must be stated that this game is not bad by any means. In fact, it is quite an awesome game, with a very well told comic-book style story. You play a guy named Cole MacGrath, living and working as a bike messenger (and oddly enough there does not seem to be any bikes at all in the game), in Empire City.

The game starts off after a rather huge explosion, of which you find yourself at the epicentre. Shortly after recovering from the blast, you discover that you are equipped with electrical powers. You also realize that a large number of the people blame you for the explosion, which gives the game an interesting edge, as this leaves you in situations where a good or evil decision needs to be made. The more good you do, the higher your karma level rises (and the more the people like you), and effectively it will drop if you choose to do evil. These decisions can be between feeding the people (good), or taking the food for yourself (bad), starting or preventing riots etc. Each of these decisions offers a trophy, which if you are the person who enjoys collecting as many trophies as possible, you will have to play the game at least twice. Along with decisions that need to be made, there are powers to be discovered and upgraded, electricity to drain, blast shards and dead drops to collect.


Gameplay and Features

inFamous is a third person sandbox-style game, set in Empire City, which is divided into three districts: Neon, Warren and Historical districts. Each of these districts are different, but have very similar features: roads, buildings and an elevated train system. You are also joined by a few friends, Zeke (your best friend), Trish (your girlfriend which never puts out, and blames you for killing her sister), Moya (an FBI, which convinces you to help her find another agent John). Moya tasks you most of the mission, at least in the beginning, as you try to find your way to the ray sphere (the device that causes the explosion and gives you your powers). As the game progresses, so do your electrical powers, more powers are opened up as you supply the districts with power, which is done by restoring the circuits and restarting the power generators. Each of these new powers can range from shock grenades, static thrusters (gives you a glide ability), healing, restraining and bio-leeching people (sucks the power out of an injured person), precisions aiming, a defensive shield, a lightning storm (of which you can control the direction using the six axis controller), karmic overload etc.

Powers can be upgraded too; experience points are used to upgrade your powers, with each power generally only allowing for three levels of upgrades, which also allows for good or evil upgrades depending on your karma level at the time (which has 3 good levels and 3 evil levels). Experience points are gained by doing missions and side missions (depending how missions play out, your karma level can be increased or decrease as well). Performing stunts during missions can also increase your experience points (like an environment takedown), and the more stunts you discover, the more chance you get at another trophy or two. Your health can be regained when needed by draining power from various power sources, like traffic lights, street lights, buildings power connectors etc. This will also recharge your electrical power. To find power points to drain, a press of the L3 button will send out a radar pulse, which will display on your mini map all the nearby power, blast shards (as more are collected, the more electrical power you can store), and a good indication where the satellite dead drops can be found. There are also many places in the city were power needs to be restored prior to having abundant sources of power to drain.

Although, you cannot get into a car and drive around, getting around Empire city is not such an issue, as climbing up to the top of a building, you will usually find power cables attached to adjacent buildings, which allows to run, and later grind with power drain, along these cables to the next building roof top. There is also the static thrusters which allow you to glide down from high up. The game has quite a few missions, along with many side missions. The more side missions you do, the more of the city is taken back from the bad dudes, and some side missions can only be done depending on your karma level. As for the controls, they are pretty standard 3rd person controls, although, for some reason, the trigger buttons are not used to shoot. Also, the controls can get a bit tricky when using some of your powers, like the shock grenade, particularly when aiming using the right analogue stick and firing with the square button, whilst running around. Either way, it is quite a solid enjoyable game, with some great graphics.


Best Bits

  • Upgrading of powers.
  • Riding the rails, and static thrusters.
  • Stunts add an interesting and fun twist to killing people.
  • All the cut-scenes in the game are told in a comic-book style fashion.

Worst Bits

  • There is no auto aim ability or lock on, which is not entirely bad, but at times when the aiming cross hair is half on a bad dude and half off, your shots tend to miss (unless you are aiming at the ground).
  • Climbing up buildings does get a bit slow, particularly in the beginning of the game.
  • As a PS3 exclusive, it should have had a native 1080 resolution.
  • Sometimes the missions can get a little repetitive.



Overall, inFamous is an enjoyable game. As I said, it should have had a native 1080 resolution. It also lacks that awesome effect when using powers as [prototype] gave you, but then this is not [prototype]. Needless to say, it does not disappoint having to have paid full price for this game.