Inafune: “Japanese games industry is far from finished as long as Capcom is around”

Capcom’s Keiji Inafune reportedly told journalists at last year’s Tokyo Game Show that the Japanese games industry was “finished.” This obviously caused quite the stir in the gaming world especially because it came from a Japanese gaming house. Now Inafune is clearly trying to back track on his comments, saying the Japanese industry isn’t dead as long as Capcom is still around.

Inafune has stated that Japanese developers need to work more closely with western ones, which has been echoed by many, as well as think about the market as a global one and therefore obviously appealing to a global market. Many still believe the Japanese developers are still too stuck in the Eastern style of game making and many of them still haven’t quite made that transition. The Eastern game-well has clearly being drying up and we even just learned of one of the biggest studios, Inafune’s own studio Capcom, recording record lows. So is Inafune’s new comment of Japanese games being far from over as long as Capcom is around, a justified statement? I am not so sure. The Street Fighter series is the only franchise from them that seems to still be standing strong after all. Could Dante save the day?

The Japanese game market remains a very different one, with a host of “different” games and an abundance of products which are far from the taste of the West. These products continue to survive because of their local demand, but is this enough to keep the Japanese studios afloat.

Capcom certainly seem to be leading the Western co-operation forward with one of their stable franchises Devil May Cry franchises being handed to British developer Ninja Theory to try and relive i’s former glory and they got Canadian developer Blue Castle to do Dead Rising 2, further showing their Western intentions.

Other Eastern developers seem to be trying to prove Inafune wrong at the TGS, but it certainly hasn’t been looking that great of late in the East, do you think they can bounce back?

I’ll reserve my predictions for now.

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