I’m Too Hardcore For Kinect And Move

hardcore-gamerOr am I just lazy?

I have not once thought of purchasing a Wii for myself. I got as far as getting it for my wife for the ‘fit’ side of things, but never for my enjoyment. I kinda think of it in the same category as board games – fun with family and friends, but only once in a blue moon.

With Sony and Microsoft taking centre stage to battle it out and introduce their ‘hardcore’ gaming audience to their version of ‘physical gaming’ has got me thinking of it. Am I too hardcore for them? As it stands today the graphics being under par is a perfect excuse to discredit it for me. But what happens when it advances?

I love lounging around and putting all my competitive thoughts into hand-eye co-ordination and using buttons in a rhythmic manner to mimic activity carried out by the game’s characters. That’s the way I have always gamed and it just got better as they added buttons, analogue sticks and vibration all while getting graphics from 2D to HD. I love gaming now more than ever but now they want me to break a sweat… common! I’m hardcore. I game between 10 and 12 at night, is that any time for a grown family man to be jumping around like a fool? I think not, but how bout you? Are you eager for Kinect or Move? Are you too hardcore? Are you going to buy them the moment they are available, or is a comfy couch and controller in hands more like it for you?