How ‘real-life gang members’ contributed to GTA V

GTA-V-Michael, Franklin and Trevor

We touched on the news in the morning wrap, but since I’m more than a little obsessed with the game, here’s the full low-down on how Rockstar used “actual, real gang members” for the sake of authenticity in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Polygon are citing an interview with WGN, a US radio station, and GTA V’s contributing writer and producer “Lazlow” Jones who revealed that thousands of hours of audio was collected for the game, interestingly, by going into people’s houses and recording them speaking as they would in real life.

“When we record all these ambient characters we go towards authenticity,” he said.

“In the game there’s these rival gangs. There’s Black gangs, Latino gangs … we recruited a guy who gets gang members, actual real gang members, like El Salvadoran gang dudes with amazing tattoos, one of which had literally gotten out of prison the day before.

“We get these guys in to record the gang characters because we don’t want a goofy L.A actor who went to a fancy school trying to be a hard gang member. There’s nothing worse than that, so just go find the terrifying people and say ‘can you come in here please?'”

Lazlow explained that the gang members often changed dialogue, giving their versions of what they would say for the sake of authenticity.

“There’s a lot of sessions where we would just throw the script on the floor. ‘This is is irrelevant, let’s just work on something real,” explained Laslow.

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