How Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan Helped Shape Sleeping Dogs

United Front Games are hard at work in conjunction with Square Enix London Studios on the promising looking Sleeping Dogs, which has been best described as a “gritty open world cop drama”.

United Front executive producer Stephen van der Mescht explained to the PlaystationBlog at E3 how Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and film legends Chow Yun Fat and John Woo influenced the developing team for Sleeping Dogs.

The executive producer explained that  the “history in cinema, in martial arts, kung fu, everything as far back as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, John Woo,” helped shape Sleeping Dogs.

“What’s interesting for us is seeing those older action movies and the new wave of Hong Kong cinema like Infernal Affairs and that shift towards more serious story telling,”  explained Van der Mescht.

“There’s such a richness there and, from a gameplay standpoint, you think about doing it in an open world where there are so many possibilities.”

Van der Mescht talked of how Hong Kong itself also played a strong role as “geographically it’s a very interesting place,” which allowed the developing team to be able implement different gameplay styles, such as street racing and free-flowing combat.

The executive producer said the combat system is “quite deep for an open world game.”

“The ability to seamlessly move from that into gunplay and crazy fast driving maintains that sense of big screen action. You can jump off the back of a car or a bike, so you can see we’ve tried to maintain that cinematic action movie feel,” he explains.

We also previously revealed that MMA champion, George St.Pierre is also collaborating with the developing team for the combat aspect to feature in the game.