HOR: Potted Potter Review – Potting Potty Pot

Please note that the below article was originally posted on the now closed High on Reviews:

I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I have read the books a few times and watched the movies so many times that I can repeat them backwards in a language that I have never even learned before. So when I heard about Potted Potter I was intrigued. The premise is all seven Harry Potter books in 70 minutes. A parody show performed by two guys. I was sold. I had no idea what to expect from the show, it was something that was very oddly different to anything else I had attended before. Not a bad thing but degrees of comparison are obviously non-existent.

The show, as mentioned, is performed by two guys, Dave and Jesse. The two of them attempt to recreate the entire Harry Potter story from beginning to end in the promised 70 minutes. Now if you are expecting the actual story in all its glory then you are clearly demented. 70 minutes to retell an epic adventure of that size, not a chance. If you are expecting a laugh minute, you might feel more at home.

Dave and Jesse take to the stage and loosely (very loosely) explain to the audience what happens in the books, but they do it with gags and ripping off the various characters. Jesse in particular was nothing short of excellent in his performance pretending to be all the characters. I have no idea how he has the energy to run off and onto the stage the way he does. Hermione if you are wondering is a very sexy part of the show, assuming you have always imagined her with a gruff Joe Cocker type voice… ahem.

The comedy and presentation of the show was unlike anything I have seen before. There were jokes flying left, right and centre, there was a quidditch match, sort of and the representation of the final battle between Harry and Voldemort is done in song form. Need I say more?

The show was not without its flaws. At times it was a little bit lame. Some of the gags were clearly aimed at a younger audience, but that also ensured that it would appeal to everyone. For the most part it was enjoyable and a very different experience. It was the kind of show that you go to when you just need 70 minutes of entertainment. If you are a Harry Potter fan it is worthwhile going to see. If you have no interest in the wizard who lived then I wouldn’t bother.

Potted Potter was a great evening out. It was made even better when the two actors had to improvise a bit and their recoveries made it even funnier. The best thing about it is that you can see that both of them enjoy themselves while they are up on stage and that translates well into the crowd who were laughing from start to end.

Potted Potter is on at Monte Casino in Joburg until 6 January 2013 and is in Cape Town at Theatre on the Bay from 8 January until 26 January 2013.

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